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TAAP Class 2016: Madison Pugh, Performance Apprentice

August 16, 2016

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When I first met Paige Price, I was singing a disco song for her – “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. That was the first time I was introduced to Theatre Aspen. Since then, I’ve been hiking mountains, eating every new food I’ve encountered, grooving to ABBA music, and running around a stage in the most sophisticated children’s show I’ve ever been introduced to. The University of Oklahoma is great, but its beauty is nothing compared to the incredible valley I find myself in now.

My summer began with rehearsals for Mamma Mia. I am a pit singer for the show – for those who don’t know (I didn’t when I started!) a pit singer is a person who is part of the ensemble of a show and sings backstage. Sometimes pit singers are required when the music of a show is especially difficult. This is definitely the case for Mamma Mia. The music of ABBA is an incredible rock marathon, and I love jamming with my fellow two pit singers backstage. We dance and groove together and we always get to hang out with the crew backstage.

Dear Edwina has definitely been one of my favorite experiences throughout the summer. I play Annie Smith Meenahan Johnson, a twelve-year-old girl scout. She loves cookies and is great at selling them. Annie is an excellent entrepreneur and I believe that, if she were a real person, she would go on to be the CEO of a great company. The show is ridiculously active and the entire cast has been so much fun, what with us running around and throwing things over each other’s heads constantly. Not only is it incredibly fun to perform, but it’s also funny for both kids and parents to watch. While Dear Edwina is our “kids show” for this season, many parents and grandparents have approached me and told me that they loved it because it was so clever. For an actor in a kids show, there is no higher compliment!

We just finished our Apprentice Showcase, which we presented in the Hurst Theatre on August 14th! It’s thrilling to work with such talented and positive people! I sincerely hope everyone who reads this blog post will join Theatre Aspen for a show before the season closes!

Thank you for sharing your city with me!

Madison, Senior at the University of Oklahoma, Performance Apprentice 2016