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TAAP Class 2016: Cristina Oeschger, Performance Apprentice

August 22, 2016

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This summer has been a fantastic learning experience for me, especially coming out of my freshman year of college. I had so much information thrown at me this year, and I was able to put it to use and make some sense of it all. I got to spend my summer doing what I love most with wonderful people. Here’s a very condensed recap: 

We started rehearsals for Mamma Mia! in early June, in which I play Sophie, and only had two weeks of rehearsal and one week in the theater before we opened. I have never put up a show so quickly, so it was a challenge to learn and retain information at such a rapid pace, but it was thrilling to know that each day we were making leaps and bounds to get to the next stage in the process. I learned so much from the other actors in the cast, who are seasoned professionals and have loads of advice to give. In rehearsal I got to observe the work of people like Anne Brummel and Mark Price – it was like a free master class every day. My favorite part of my experience in Mamma Mia! is the relationships I have created with my cast members. There is so much beauty in what the audience doesn’t get to see: goofing around backstage, inside jokes that are hinted at on stage, seeing how many times we can “dab” during the show and get away with it (yes, that really happened). Those are the moments I cherish the most, and the people I get to share those moments with make them even more special.  

I have made friends here that I know will last a lifetime. Together, we have gone white water rafting, ice skating, hiking, tried lots of great restaurants (Creperie du Village is the best – and the donut cart is the perfect late night treat), gone dancing, star gazed, played video games and watched countless great movies, rode the gondola up Aspen mountain, and eaten way too much Paradise ice cream. I have gotten the best of both worlds. How did I get so lucky to work somewhere that produces high quality theatre and has a view this spectacular? 

Between the beautiful nature, lovely new friends, and getting to work at a fabulous company, this summer is one I definitely won't forget. 

Cristina Oeschger