Adult Theatre Classes

Fall 2018 Adult Acting Class

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Improv and Scene Study

Treat yourself to improved confidence and character skills through an--often hilarious and always entertaining--improv  and scene study acting course with friends and fellow actors! Flex your improv, acting and even public speaking muscles through interactive drama games and exercises. Learn acting techniques, rapid characterization, and get coaching and feedback as you work together with adult actors of all skill levels in this 6-session program.

When: Thursdays, October 18 & 25; Nov. 1, 8, & 29; Dec. 6; 6:30-8:00pm 

Where: Theatre Aspen Studio -  Red Brick Center for the Arts, 110 E. Hallam St #126

Who is it for? Anyone who wants to build confidence and learn new skills, from beginners to advanced actors looking for a chance to practice their craft and gain further insight into the creative process.

Tuition: Only $120. Call 300.4299 for more information. 


A word from some of our students:

"I decided to take Aspen Theatre's adult acting classes for a few reasons: to meet fun people, to stretch myself, and to learn a little about acting. The class succeeded on all dimensions and I'm glad I did it. I will never watch a movie or a play in the same way again!"  -David

"Thanks for the acting class.... [Y]our class was far and away the better one - better organized, more thought went into your presentations, helpful exercises; I truly felt that I learned a great deal about the acting process and the many variables that go into it." - Bill

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