Annual Donors

ANNUAL DONORS  (Total giving from May 15, 2016 – June 10, 2016)

Theatre Aspen thanks the many supporters who help bridge the gap between annual operating costs and ticket sales.  
To all our benefactors, we thank you for making possible another season of engaging, ambitious theatre.
To become a donor, visit Ways to Give or call (970) 925-9313.

STAR CIRCLE ($50,000 – $99,999)

Barbara and Franklin Carson
Jessica and John Fullerton
Soledad and Bob Hurst
Melanie Sturm and Marc "Zac" Zachary
Nancy Wall and Chuck Wall

Public and Private Sector Support
ANB Bank and the Sturm Family

VISIONARIES CIRCLE ($25,000 - $49,999)

TTerri and Tony Caine
Theresa Chase
Melinda Goldrich
Sandi and Jeffrey Kallenberg
Jackie and Jerry Kehle
Barbara and Jon Lee
Melony and Adam Lewis
Beverle and Marc Ostrofsky
Kimberly and Brad Schlosser
Susan and Donald Sturm
Sandy and Kenny Tate

Public and Private Sector Support
City of Aspen
Douglas Elliman Real Estate
The Mesdag Family Foundation

BENEFACTORS’ CIRCLE ($15,000 - $24,999)

Donna and Kenton Bruice
Terri and Tony Caine
Darlynn and Tom Fellman
Allison and Warren Kanders
Clare Evert-Shane and
Steven Shane
Ann and Don Short

Public and Private Sector
Robins Foundation

PRODUCERS’ CIRCLE ($10,000 - $14,999)

Judi and Alan Altman
Lisa and George Baker
Judy and Archibald Cox, Jr. 
The Susan and Jon Diamond Philanthropic Fund
Tracy and Bubba Eggleston
Clare Evert-Shane and Steven Shane
Kristin Learner and David G. Lambert 
Ali and David Phillips
Lexie and Robert Potamkin
Juliet Shield-Taylor
Julie Wooley

Public and Private Sector Support
Colorado Creative Industries
Robins Foundation

PLAYWRIGHTS’ CIRCLE ($5,000 - $9,999)

Liz Armstrong
Michele and Raifie Bass
Karen Brooks
Mary and Adam Cherry
Karen and Mark Devlin
Debbi Fields Rose and
Michael Rose
Betty Gates
Michelle and Jared Goldberg
Jamie and Bush Helzberg
Whitney Lasky
Amanda and Justin Leonard
Judy and Robert Mann
Cindy Kahn and Steve Marker
Barbara Martell
Barbara and Pat McMahon
Nancy and Peter Meinig
Lesa and John Oudt
Dr. Pamela Paresky
Barbara Reese
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Colby Sandlian
Candy and Jerry Schlief
Juliet Shield-Taylor
Lynda and Doug Weiser
Julie Wooley

Public and Private Sector
Frederic R. Coudert Foundation
Les Dames d' Aspen, Ltd.
Steven Shane/Compass

DIRECTORS’ CIRCLE ($2,000 - $4,999)

Alana and Blake Appleby
Joni and David Arnold
Norelle and Brian Becker
Susan Beckerman
Elaine and Bob Blatt
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan and Patrick Scanlan
Isa Catto and Daniel Shaw
Katherine and Dane Chapin
David Chazen
Denise and Warren Cohen
Camille Cook and Siri Hutcheson
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Margaret Culver
Charles and Angela Cunniffe
Lucy and Tom Danis
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Jacqueline Weld Drake
Marita and Jonathan Fairbanks
Ed Foran
Carol and Marc Goldstein
Kristen and Wally Graham
Joanne and Tony Guerrerio
Maureen and Daniel Holman
Gayle and Woody Hunt 
Debbie and Richard Jelinek
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Deborah Katz
Donald Keltner
Hayley Killam
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Pearl and Howard Klein
Cathy and Jonathan Koplovitz
Laura and Gary Lauder
Barbara and Jon Lee
Natasha and Mark Leydecker
Mona Look-Mazza and Tony Mazza
Judy and Robert Mann
Carol Marks and Tom Wirtshafter
Barbara Martell
Joyce McGilvray
Ellie and Bob Meyers
Beth and Josh Mondry
Denise Monteleone
Marci and Ronnie Morgan
Esther and Craig Navias
David Newberger
Kathryn and Kevin O'Hagan
Beverle and Marc Ostrofsky
Lesa and John Oudt
Dr. Pamela Paresky
Patricia and Edwin Peterson
Donna and Cliff Poimboeuf
Elisabeth and Albert Prast
Paige Price and Nevin Steinberg
Ashley and Mike Ramos
Robyn and Dale Rands
Barbara Reese
Michelle and Herbert Rosenfeld
Nina and Joshua Saslove
Sheryl and Barry Schwartz
Deborah and Bob Sharpe
Jill and Stuart Siegel
Gail and Bruce Smith
Jennifer and David Stockman
Anne and Bill Tobey
Kay and Robert Watson
Beth Weissman
Tamara and Frank Woods
Elisha and Jeff Zander    

Public and Private Sector Support
The Edgerley Family Foundation 
The Phillip and Terri Schrager Foundation
The Thrift Shop of Aspen, Inc.
The Tisch Foundation 

ACTORS’ CIRCLE ($1,000 - $1,999)

Becky and Dave Aldrich 
Barbara Allen 
Pamela Alexander 
Tina and Simon Beriro 
Wilma Bernstein and The Honorable Stuart Bernstein 
Annatje and Ted Borchelt 
Maura Bradshaw 
Deborah and Mark Breen 
Tamara Tormohlen and Marc Breslin 
Ginny and Charles Brewer 
Dennis Brown 
Kathy Chazen and Larry Miller 
Becky and Michael Dumeresque 
Huda and Samia Farouki 
Charlene and Michael Freedland 
Golda and Sheldon Friedstein 
Katy and Adam Frisch 
Barbara and Michael Gamson 
Carol and Marc Goldstein 
Marilyn and Dean Greenberg 
Sally and Steve Hansen 
Maureen and Dan Holman 
Gayle and Woody Hunt 
Debbie and Richard Jelinek 
Rachel and Richard Klausner 
Kristen Learner and David G. Lambert 
Mara and Larry Lawrence 
Susan and Richard Lipsey 
Nancy and Robert Magoon 
Jean-Philippe Malaty and Tom Mossbrucker 
Stacie and Christopher Martin 
Mark Matheny 
William E. Mayer 
Marci and Ronnie Morgan 
Kimberly Terk Murphy 
Melanie Muss and Trace Nichols 
Amy Nislow and Kurt Kalm 
Cheryl and David Northrup 
Ruth Owens 
Diane and Steve Parrish 
Richard Pearlstone 
Elizabeth Picard
Yosefa and Craig Platt 
Lexie and Robert Potamkin 
Jessica Rothstein and Kurt Lagelshulte 
Ally and Scott Russell 
Beatrix and Michael Seidenberg 
Jacqueline and Neal Shear 
John Silberman 
Donna and Elliot Slade 
Alana Spiwak and Sam Stolbun 
Ellen and Steve Susman 
Gina and Andrew Turchin 
Patti and Jay Webster 
Heidi and Dave Weiler 
Sharon and Stephen Wender 
Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford 
Elise and Stuart Zall 

Public and Private Sector 
Actors' Equity Foundation, Inc. 
Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund 
House of Toi 
John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Fund 
Ralph Smith Foundation

PATRONS ($500 - $999)

Patrick Adams 
Darla and Donald Anthony 
Glenn Batchelder 
Amy and Gilchrist Berg 
Mountain Chalet 
Ziska Childs 
Tamar Climan 
Annie Denver 
Terry and Wally Derham 
Eleanor and Domenico DeSole 
Susan and David Duff 
Lesha and Thomas Elsenbrook 
Susan and George Fesus 
Anna and Matt Freedman 
Alicia and John Goldsmith 
Katie and Adam Goldsmith 
Thorey and Barry Goldstein 
Jody and Andy Hecht 
Holly and Phillip Huffines 
Sandra and Jim Iglehart 
Mackenzie and Todd Klindworth 
Elizabeth and Michael Klump 
Cathy and Jonathan Koplovitz 
Ruth Kruger 
Bruce Lee 
Rebecca and Doug Leibinger 
Gail and Ralph Lombardi 
Samantha and Peter Louras 
Jada and Tom Loveless 
Beth and Bob Lowe 
Barbara Menendez 
Dion Milliman and Larry Saliterman 
Sandy and Jerrold Parker 
Holly and Karl Peterson 
Doren Madey Pinnell 
Cecilia and Ernesto Poma 
Jacqueline and Stephen Cole Pugh 
Sara Ransford 
Brittanie Rockhill 
Dr. Amy Ronner and Dr. Michael P. Pacin 
Elaine and Marvin Rosenberg 
Katherine Sand and Scott Martin
Lois and Thomas Sando
Sonya and Darren Schroeder
Mary Shafey
Michelle and Ken Stiller
Mary Ann and Ray Tittle
Karen and Thomas Vaughn
Joann and Shelton Viney
Leslie and Joseph Waters
Susan Weinberger
Carrie and Joe Wells
Omaar Yemini
Public and Private Sector 
Angel Enterprises Of Aspen
Mountain Chalet

SUPPORTERS ($250 - $499)

Pam and John Brilbeck
Cate Caplin and Vernon Willet
Susan Philp and Lance Clarke
Janet Dempsey
Nancy Ellis
Janet Esposito
Nuala and James Finn
Noel and Keree Frakes
Mary Ann Frenzel
Elaine and Gordon Gerson
Barbara and John Gold
Lois and Michael Haber
Dr. Giora and Rachel Hahn
Jo-Ann Hall
Sue and Bob Helm
Heidi and Keith Hemstreet
Constance Hoguet Neel and Richard Neel
Suki and Paul Jarzemsky
Kathy and Ron Kahanek
Leslie and David Kantor
Barbara Klein
Dede and Moses Lebovits
Carolyn and Chuck Lloyd
Anita and Scott Lupow
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Mack
Bonnie and Ralph Mandell
Joan and Michael Marek
Peggy and David Marks
Renee and Bruce Michelson
Christine and Larry Mills
George Newell
Marie O'Neill
Valerie Pearce
Jill Porcaro
Denice Reich
Gary Rosenau
Ivette and Andrew Rothschild
Gunther Schaldach
Gloria Scharlin
Susan and Sheldon Schneider
Doug Seserman
Martha Singleton
Albert Small
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart
Curt Strand
Lucia Swanson and Ted Levine
Robin Taylor and John Flood
Dana and Michael Werner
Public and Private Sector
Irving Taylor Foundation

FRIENDS ($100 - $249)

Virginia Aarin
Joel Alpin
Robin Amster and
Steven Olszewski
Mone and Jim Anathan
Chrystyna Andrychowski
Caryl Avery and Les Zuke
Carole and Paul Auvil
Becky Ayres
Larry L Bain
Jeanette Darnauer and
Rob Merritt
Edward Mestas Jr.
Kit Meyer
Don Miller
Bette and Donne Moen
Christie and Richard Montgomery
Rebeca and Edward A Monto
Mona Morgan
Amy Mountjoy
Marjory Musgrave and
Frank Peters
Graham Northrup
Jessica and Matthew Owings
Anne Palmin
John Pappin
Alice and Charles Parker
Chad Patrick
Susan and Kirk Patrick
Jan and James Patterson
Wendy Perkins
Lisa and Jonathan Perlmutter
Hensley and James Peterson
Polly Pollard
Catherine Porter
Maureen and Greg Poschman
Gaby and Bob Rafelson
Lynne Rosenfield
Maria and David Rosenfield
Jim and Louisa Rudolph
Diana Rumsey
Mary and George Russell
Audrey Sattler and
Donald Fleisher
Marilyn and Don Schaffer
Lawrence A. Schlussel
Linda and Robert Schmier
Mary Ann and Gary Shamis
Karlyn and Don Shapiro
Carole and Bob Sharpe
Barbara Sherman
Patsy and John Shields
Julie and Steve Shifman
Scott Sigler
Pat and Robert Silverman
Celina and Paul Sima
Bari Stahl
Sandra and Steve Stay
Bill Stirling
Patricia and George Stranahan
Hanne and George Thatcher
Peter and Gail Thomas
Sarah Toups
Michael and Shelley Tullio
Donna and Tom Ward
Susan Fleet Welsch
Rebecca White
Barbara and Steve Wickes
Marilyn Wilmerding
Richard E Wodehouse
Andrea and Dennis Young
Public and Private Sector
Fetzer Vineyards
Pitkin County Board of
County Commissioners
Helene and J John Baran
Ann and Paul Barnhill
Danny Becker
Deborah and Marc Bennett
Diana Beuttas
Cathy Blank
Nicole Blue
Carol and Morton Blumberin
Lotta and Stuart Brafman
Linda and Robert Brining
Lynne and Peter Brown
Greg Bryan
Peggy Burke
Elaine and Harris Cahn
Rosemary and Paul Caliendo
Mary Maureen Callahan
Joyce Carp
Jennifer Causing and
Peter Waanders
Ashley Chod
Rita and Morris Cohen
Ruth Conant
Toni Courtenay and
Graeme Morris
Vicki and David Dansky
Sandra Simpson and
Don Davidson
Leah and Jeff Davis
George Ann and Kenneth Dennis
Claire Dewar
Dian Diamond
Leslie and Bryan Diers
Jan and Jirina Dlouhy
Joe Driscoll
Sonnet and Christopher Edmonds
Cheryl and Tom Erickson
Sandra Eskin
Lisbeth Ensminger and Raymond Smalls
Sylvia Falk
Colleen and Curtis Fawley
Carol and Harvey Federman
Suzanne and Robert Fike
Barbara and Aaron Fleck
Dorothy Frommer
Ricki and Peter Fuchs
Daryl and Henry Gelender
Lawrence Germer
Alyson and Justin Gish
Diane and Herbert Glimcher
Linda Graham
Bonnie and Paul Grenney
Dorene and Frank Herzog
David and Ruth Hoff
Emery Holton
Carol and Mike Hundert
Rita Hunter
Eilene and Bob Ish
Sandy and Charles Israel
Jane Jenkins
Regna Jones
Taylor and Marshall Jones
Maida and David Kahn
Sally Anne Kaiser
Emily and Nick Kargel
Jacquelyn Kasabach
Susan Lau and Mark Kavasch
Bonnie Levinson and Donald Kay
Susan Kern
Mike Kubaseiwicz
Jennifer Kubasiewicz-Robbio
Jay Kuhne
Jean and Richard Leety
Doreen and Ariel Leibovitz
Phyllis Lenin
Michael and Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche
Thomas M. Marshall
Janice and Arthur Martin
Elsbeth and Gerhard Mayritsch


Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Donald Drapkin
--Judy and Archibald Cox, Jr.

Honorary Gifts

In honor of Clare Evert-Shane
--Kinga and Eddie Lampert
In honor of Darlynn Fellman
-- Nina and David Eisenstat
In honor of Darlynn and Tom Fellman
-- Anita and Scott Lupow
In honor of Jessica and John Fullerton
-- Ellie and Bob Meyers
In honor of Betty Davies Gates
-- Patti and Jay Webster
In honor of Bob Hurst and Steven Shane
-- Andi and Jim Gordon
In honor of Bob and Soledad Hurst
-- Katy and Michael Solondz 
In honor of Bob and Soledad Hurst
-- Nancy and Robert Blank
In honor of Anakeesta Ironwood
-- Charlene and Joel Gilbert
In honor of Barbara Lipman
-- Anita and Scott Lupow
In honor of Paige Price
-- Irene and Jim Beatty
In honor of Paige Price
-- Caryl Avery and Les Zuke
In honor of Paige Price
-- Hans Kriefall and Carl Levin
In honor of Paige Price
-- Diane and Steve Parrish 
In honor of Paige Price
-- Ann and Don Short
In honor of Nevin Steinberg
-- Susan and Neil Greenberg
In honor of Tracy Straus and Joel Kipnis
-- Elissa and Edgar Cullman
In honor of Tracy Straus and Joel Kipnis
--Tami Solondz
In honor of Tracy Straus and Joel Kipnis
-- Sherry Jacobson

“There are no small parts” Circle! ($1 - $99)

Fred Abrams
Denise Acee
Silvia Balcom
Carol Batchelder
Karen Beard
Irene and Jim Beatty
Dr. Robert Benedetti
Cathy and Marc Bern
Liz and John Bokram
Cindy and Hap Bruce
Jerome Chaves
Robert Chisholm
Daniel Davis
Rina and Robert Delizza
Mona Dembs
Marcella DeMilio
Joyce and Joseph Ditrick
Mary Dominick and Sven Coomer
Debra and Larry Dutmer
Amy and Doug Egertson-Throm
Lynn Engel
Ginny and Brad Epsten
Carolyn Ethridge
Karri and Mark Faigen
Zetta Feder
Charlene and Michael Freedland
Irene Friedman
Sara Garton
Charlene Guggenheim 
Eileen George
Sarah and Garry Glickman
Nanette and Irvin Greif
Leticia Grendene
Bonnie and Paul Grenney
Janine Guerrero
Stephen Hach
Beth Hagerty
Dusty Hamrick
Gary Harada
Rett Harper
Harriet Harper
Ann Harris
Ellen Hunt
Thomas Isaac
Katherine Jordon
Cindy Kahn and Steve Marker
Sally Anne Kaiser
Gerry and Maury Kaplan
Linda and John Keleher
Julie Laitos
Richard and Jean Leety
Marilyn Levi
Julie Levin
Allison Levy
Denison Levy
Jenifer Lindsay
Linda Loeschen
Judi Loubier
Elizabeth and Robert Lowe
Susan and Mark McKeller
Norah Moak
Rebecca Monroe
Christie and Richard Montgomery
Jon Morgan
Cheryl and David Northrup
Cherie G Oates
Wendy Perkins
Sondra Pfeffer
Donna Phelps and Bruce Pearson
Kerri Platero
Rachel Richards
Lisen Richmond
Kristina Riegle and David Gram
John H. Ristine
Margaret and Dwayne Romero
Myron Roschko
Laurene and Alan Ross
Joanne and Richard Rubinoff
Jeanne H. Ruggles
Mary and Robert Rugile
Karla Ruiz
Nirvana and Ryan Sherman
Tinker and George Shifrin
Nancy and Mark Silverman
Lorinda Silverstein
Donna and Jerome Simon
Jerry Simon
Beth and Matthew Smith
Chris Smith
Sherri Spykerman
Austine Stitt
Glenda Summers
Jackie Thompson
Tom and Vivan Waldeck
Deborah Ware
Linda Weiss
Lauren and Livia Weiss
Gayle and Richard Wells
Alexandria Yajko

To become a donor, visit Ways to Give