Theatre Aspen 2019 Season Auditions

Theatre Aspen is seeking actors and actresses for the 2019 summer repertory season which includes GUYS & DOLLS, GOD OF CARNAGE, and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Audition information, for both Actors’ Equity Association members and non-equity members, is below.  

Denver, CO
Tuesday, January 29
10:00am - 6:00pm

Arvada Center for the Arts - Studio 22
6901 Wadsworth Blvd.
Arvada, CO 80003

Aspen, CO
Sunday, March 3rd 
11:00am - 4:00pm

Red Brick Center for the Arts
110 E. Hallam
Aspen, CO 81611

AEA SPT 9 - $679/wk (minimum), plus housing & travel.
Non-union - $425/week (minimum), plus housing & travel. 

To make an audition appointment, email with your name, audition date and city in the subject line.
No calls, please.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

One brief song choice (16-32 bars) or two, 16 bars of music to sing in the style-of of the upcoming season's musicals (GUYS & DOLLS; LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS), to demonstrate different vocal styles that match the two shows.
Or, a contemporary dramatic monologue not to exceed 90 seconds.
Or, 16 bars of a song and a 1 minute monologue if wanting to audition for all shows.

An accompanist will be provided. 

See links below for music selections and audition sides. 
A complete character breakdown is below. 

Adelaide sides & music
Agatha side
Arvide music
Arvide side
Benny music
Big Jule sides
General Cartwright side
Harry the Horse side
Joey Biltmore sides
Lt. Branigan sides
Nicely & Benny side
Nicely music
Sarah Brown sides & music
Sky Masterson sides & music

Alan sides (2)
Annette sides (2)
Michael sides (2)
Veronica sides (2)

Audrey sides
Audrey music cut
Audrey II sides
Mushnik sides
Orin (& others) sides
Orin music cut
Seymour sides
Seymour music cut
Urchins sides
Urchins music cuts


Guys & Dolls
Director: Hunter Foster
Choreographer:  Lisa Shriver
Musical Director: Eric Alsford
Rehearsals begin: June 3rd, 2019
Tech begins: June 17th, 2019
Performances: June 22nd- August 17th, 2019

[NATHAN DETROIT] – Late 20s-Early 40s, All Ethnicities. Baritone up to high F. A rogue and a gambler but also a respected leader of his gang of ne’er do wells. Comedic and charming but a bit strapped for cash. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties. Adelaide’s fiancé.

[MISS ADELAIDE] – Late 20s-Early 40s, All Ethnicities. Mezzo to A.  A showgirl with a heart of gold and a perpetual, psychosomatic cold. Easy-going, electric, comedic tour-de-force. Smarter than she’s given credit for. Very aware of how very long she’s been engaged to Nathan.  

[SKY MASTERSON] – Late 20s-Early 40s, All Ethnicities. Baritone up to E-flat. Smart, charming, handsome gambler. Romantic leading man with a bit of an edge. Able to adapt to any situation but ready to reel off pre-prepared anecdotes regarding his view of the world. Despite his failings, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style.  

[SARAH BROWN] – Mid-20s-Late 30s, All Ethnicities. Soprano up to high A. Prim and proper Salvation Army officer. Has a hidden wild streak waiting to come out. An idealistic but sheltered missionary. Kind-hearted but like Sky, too categorical in her view of the world. Charisma, a natural beauty and a silky jazz voice are important attributes. 

[NICELY-NICELY JOHNSON] – Late 20s-Late 40s, All Ethnicities. High tenor up to B-flat. Funny character guy, likeable and somehow sweet, comedic. An eccentric gambler and one of Nathan’s closest associates. 

[BENNY SOUTHSTREET] – Early 30s-Late 40s, All Ethnicities. Baritone up to high G. Funny character man. Abbott to Nicely’s Costello. Must be and excellent dancer.

[HARRY THE HORSE] – Early 30s-Late 40s, All Ethnicities. Gambler; all talk and little action. Mouthpiece for Big Jule. Actor may play other roles in the ENSEMBLE. Must be an excellent dancer.

[BIG JULE] – Early 30s-Early 50s, All Ethnicities. Imposing, tough gangster from Chicago. An intimidating hustler. Temperamental. A sore loser. Although not necessarily a large man, he has undisputed stage presence. Actor may play other roles in the ENSEMBLE.

[ARVIDE ABERNATHY] – Late 50s-Early 70s, All Ethnicities. Lyric baritone. Salvation Army man and Sarah’s paternal figure. Kind, gentle, thoughtful. A reasonable old man with a warm heart that harbors only the kindest intentions, even if he tends to be a little gullible. 

[GENERAL MATILDA B. CARTWRIGHT] – Early 40s-Early 60s, All Ethnicities. Mezzo. Business like and in-control, but ready to cut loose. 

[LT. BRANNIGAN] – Early 30s-Early 50s, All Ethnicities. Non-singing. Member of the police force trying to stop the floating crap games; tries to command respect, but the gangsters don’t really play along.

[RUSTY CHARLIE/JOEY BILTMORE] – Early 30s-Late 40s. All Ethnicities. Baritone. Gambler, looking for action wherever he can find it. Actor may play other roles in the ENSEMBLE. Excellent dancer.

[ANGIE THE OX] – 18+, All Ethnicities. A gambler. A bit of a bruiser, likes a good dice game. Actor may play other roles in the ENSEMBLE.

[CALVIN/HAVANA WAITER] – Early 20s-Late 30s. All Ethnicities. Flexible vocal range. Member of the Save-a-Soul mission band. Actor also plays HAVANA WAITER and may also play other roles in the ENSEMBLE.

[AGATHA] – Early 20s-Late 30s. All Ethnicities. Mezzo. Member of the Save-a-Soul Mission band. Must be able to dance- also plays a HOT BOX GIRL.

[MARTHA] – Early 20s-Late 30s. All Ethnicities. Flexible vocal range. Member of the Save-a-Soul Mission band. Must be able to dance- also plays a HOT BOX GIRL. 

[MIMI] – Early 20s-Late 30s. All Ethnicities. Flexible vocal range. One of the Hot Box Girls – a dancer in Adelaide’s revue. Must have strong dance ability.


God of Carnage
Director: Karen Azenberg
Rehearsals:  July 1st, 2019
Tech begins: July 15th, 2019
Peformances: July 18th- August 3rd, 2019

Seeking performers of all Ethnicities for all roles.

[ALAN] 40’s. Alan is a slick lawyer. Impatient.  He can be callous and crude at times but ultimately oddly honest. Cannot stay away from his cell phone

[ANNETTE] 40’s. Alan wife.  She works in wealth management, poised and stable on the surface but on the verge of unhinging.  She is clearly the primary parent in this marriage  

[MICHAEL] 40’s. Owns a wholesale company dealing in household goods. On the surface he is earthy, genial and a peacemaker. But he is far less refined, liberal, or easygoing than he first appears.

[VERONICA] 40’s. Michael wife. A writer, she is artistically cultivated, politically correct and "harmonious" on the surface. But very judgmental underneath. 


Little Shop of Horrors
Director/Choreographer: Mark Martino
Associate Director/ Co-Choreographer:  Elise Kinnon
Musical Director: Eric Alsford
Rehearsals begin: June 28th, 2019
Tech begins: July 8th, 2019
Performances: July 12th- August 17th, 2019

[SEYMOUR]: MALE IDENTIFIED (mid-20’s to early 30’s) comic actor with surprisingly killer pop-rock vocal chops.  Sings up to an A.  A socially awkward and unassuming plant store employee totally overlooked by everyone until the two objects of his obsession (a man-eating plant and the store employee he loves from afar) set him on a path as the hero of his own story.  He’s funny, sweet, surprisingly charismatic, and ultimately becomes that hero.  SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.

[AUDREY] FEMALE IDENTIFIED (mid-20’s to early 30’s) Quirky comic actress with strong vocal skills and a belt that shakes the rafters.  A cross between Judy Holliday, Marilyn Monroe and Goldie Hawn. A girl from the mean streets who dreams of somewhere that’s green…underneath the bleached blonde hair and tons of cleavage is an honest and heartbreaking sweetness and vulnerability.  SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.

[CRYSTAL, RONETTE AND CHIFFON] FEMALE IDENTIFIED (late teens to early 20’s to play teens) Girl Group singers in the style of The Supremes.   Very strong ear/musicians for tight girl group harmony singing.  Hip, fun and engaging! SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.

[MR. MUSHNIK] MALE IDENTIFIED (late 40’s-60’s) Mature character comic who sings. A middle-class New Yorker, he is a failure of an East Side florist.  SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.

[ORIN] MALE IDENTIFIED (30’s) An egotistical pretty-boy dentist with a black leather jacket and sadistic tendencies. He is a cross between Elvis Presley, James Dean and a young Jack Nicholson. Very versatile pop rock voice with strong falsettowith broad comic skills. Also, somewhat of an SNL performer as he must also be able to morph into 7 separate characters throughout the course of the play.  SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.

[VOICE OF THE PLANT] Male or Female.  A funky, street-smart, conniving villain.  Must be a strong R&B/Soul performer adept at the vocal stylings of Aretha Franklin and/or Otis Redding.  SEEKING ALL ETHNCITIES.