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TAAP CLASS 2017: Rachel Webb, Performance Apprentice

July 13, 2017

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I am so grateful for this summer's adventures. Theatre Aspen is teaching me so many things about life and happiness. Being here in Aspen, I've been presented with opportunities to perform, rehearse with professionals in the theatre world, learn from veteran actors, learn from professional directors and managers, and to have fun being around people who do the same thing that I do! 

It has been over a month since I touched down in the most beautiful place I've ever been! Aside from the opportunities to perform and work with great people, Aspen is gorgeous. For this to be a summer job, I feel extremely blessed to be able to leave work and look out into the mountains! I've been on 3 hikes, and yoga has become a big part of my time here. With the gym membership they are freely giving us, I can work out on my time off! 

I know that opportunities like this do not come along all of the time. Understanding that fact, I cannot help but that God for allowing this to be something I experience! This is my first summer stock job, and to God be the glory that it is a well-known Regional/Equity theatre! I've met beautiful people inside and out. And I continue to learn from my co-workers! There is love in my heart for Theatre Aspen, and I am so ready to marvel in each show! I am ready to begin teaching assisting next Monday! I am NOT ready to leave! I am ready for my family to come and experience the beauty of this place and the good shows they have to offer! 

Thank you Theatre Aspen! (Paige Price, Markus Potter, Kaitlin Hopkins, Jessie Douglas) Great theatre can be done as long as everyone believes in it! Thank you for allowing artists to share art! Thank you for creating a safe, fun, and exciting environment for young people like me to thrive!!