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TAAP CLASS 2017: Noah Turner, Musical Direction Apprentice

July 6, 2017


A year ago, I never would have guessed that I would be spending my summer in Aspen, but when I was told about the TAAP program by one of the faculty members at my university, I knew the Music Direction position was the perfect fit for me. I still remember sitting in the student lounge in the music building when I got the fateful email telling me I was accepted into this amazing program. Coming from Long Island, which is very flat and urban, I was blown away by the beautiful sights here, from the mountains to the rivers. In my first week I went hiking and white water rafting, which are two things I never thought I’d do! I’ve had so much fun getting to know my fellow apprentices both in leisure time and in the rehearsal process on our shows.

So far, we have successfully opened Hairspray and are in rehearsals for The World According to Snoopy, which opens next week. We have also started planning our Apprentice Showcase for the end of the summer. My job has consisted of observing our Music Director, being an extra set of ears during rehearsals, teaching music to the casts and helping to reinforce vocal parts, playing in choreography rehearsals, and of course performing in the pit orchestra for both musicals! I have enjoyed working on all of these skills in both shows, and I look forward to taking more leadership in the Apprentice Showcase by teaching songs and possibly composing some music as well!

I am so pleased with how both shows I am working on are coming, and I can’t wait for even more audiences to see them! I’m particularly excited for some upcoming visits from family and friends to see me and the productions I am working on. When I’m not in rehearsals, I enjoy watching movies, walking around town, and finding new restaurants to try.

Everyone here at Theatre Aspen, whether they are fellow apprentices, talented actors, tech crew, or production staff, are so welcoming and encouraging. I am excited to take what I have learned back to SUNY Fredonia for my final two years and work on more productions!