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Meet the Theatre Aspen Apprentice Class of 2018

June 12, 2018


The Apprentice Class of 2018 (plus some staffers) get ready to take on the rapids!

Seventeen Theater Kids Get in a Raft

By Kimberly Sears, Content Development Apprentice

Theatre and athleticism don’t always go hand-in-hand. When the Theatre Aspen Apprentice Class of 2018 embarked on the annual rafting trip on Sunday, June 10, all bets were off. Nerves were high as we donned astronaut-esque wetsuits, life jackets, and helmets and took mental notes during the safety talk. Before we knew it, we were piling into yellow rafts, trying to find a group of four new friends with whom to go on this journey. We were ready to paddle our way down the Roaring Fork River (and praying not to be the one who would fall out of the raft and into the rapids)! Our guides, however, prepared us well - no one fell out of their rafts and we are all now unofficially certified "Great Paddlers".

Just like our rafting adventure, our first two weeks in Aspen have been an adventure. Upon arrival, no one knew quite what to expect - always taking notes, whether mentally or scribbled down on a Post-It or a script. We are learning where to go and how to “paddle through” confidently, largely thanks to guidance from the Theatre Aspen company and staff. Beyond the guidance provided to us by our mentors and supervisors, the Apprentices are learning from each other and learning how to work together, just like we did on our rafting trip.

Only two weeks in and our Apprentice Class is already forming strong #TAfamily bonds. Seventeen Apprentices comprise the largest class Theatre Aspen has ever seen: Markcus Blair (performance), Blake Bojewski (performance), Caitlyn Davis (production management), Savannah Fisher (performance), Amelia Freo (wardrobe), William Harris (performance), Karlie Kohler (education), Rachel Moffatt (company management), Blake Moran (musical direction), Abaigeal O’Donnell (education), Malyssa Quiles (sound), Macy Rupp (lighting), Eric Schell (performance), Kimberly Sears (content development), Nicholas Villemarette (lighting), Ali Whitwell (performance), and Meghan Winter (stage management).

As students and recent graduates, we hail from all over the United States, from California to Texas to Mississippi to New York. While we know this summer will present us with many challenges--much like the Class 3 rapids we paddled through on Sunday--we can depend on each other and our mentors to support us and provide us with valuable learning experiences. Ultimately, we will find ourselves “down river” in August, wondering how we got there so quickly and looking back on an amazing adventure.