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TAAP Class of 2013 - First Blogs Adam Quinn

June 7, 2013

Hey Everyone! Adam Quinn here, music/arts admin apprentice! As week three comes to a close I've gotten the chance to realize just how much I've done since I got here….and I haven't even started rehearsals for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown yet!

So as you might imagine, being an arts admin AND music apprentice has proven to keep me quite busy, don't worry though, I have had time to get to the gym everyday too! If you're interested in everything I've been doing read on…if not...skip to the bottom for my farewell message.

One of the biggest tasks I have been working on is preparing the score for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Instead of doing the full musical we have decided to scale it down to a 75 minute version to make it run smoother and become more accessible for kids while still keeping it relevant and fun for adults! We also took the challenge of rearranging the score for a different orchestra; it will consist of me on keyboard and conducting, a violin, a reed player (who plays flute, clarinet and tenor sax), and a percussionist who plays everything from the drum-set, cow bell to the triangle. We also may have some cast members playing instruments in the show, so watch out for that!

I also have been assisting Artistic Director Paige Price with different jobs such as working on the workshop of Cross That River being presented this summer and even working on show ideas for next season! I've also been able to work with Eric Alsford, music director of Les Mis, as his rehearsal accompanist. Although Charlie Brown rehearsals don't start for two more weeks, its been great to see the talent here in Les Mis rehearsals and let me tell you…….the talent here is INCREDIBLE!

The thing that has struck me most of all though is the Theatre Aspen "Family" that has been made very clear to me even in three short weeks. Between the people that work here year round and the ones hired for the summer season there is a great sense of community and I can't wait to get to know everyone even better as the summer continues!

Well that's all for now - I'm off to go work on orchestrations for Charlie Brown that you will hopefully be hearing from the theatre this summer!

Rock on!

TAAP Class of 2013 - First Blogs

June 1, 2013

Saturday June 1, 2013

Hey there! It's Meredith. Acting apprentice and your basic whore, nun, poor and "miserable" ensemble member. But living in Aspen has been far, far from miserable. I've been here for about two weeks now, and I can already feel the effects of the wondrous, ridiculously fresh mountain air is having on my mind, body, and soul. Seriously. It's just stupid beautiful here...

Today marks the last day of our first full week of rehearsals for Les Miserables. And let me just say...

This. Cast. Is. Incredible.

Every voice is unique and passionate, and I cannot believe I get to be a part of this production. I find myself staying in the rehearsal room during my breaks to watch everyone else continue to work. We have a few cast members who have done various productions of the show before, Broadway, national tours, etc., and their dedication to the material is just so lovely to witness. And let me tell you, this show is not easy! But our team is on top of it all and we're already knee-deep in staging.

I feel so blessed to be having this experience! I've met so many wonderful people, especially my roommate Adam, multi-talented music director extraordinaire! And all of the other apprentices are just as lovely. I'm so happy we still have a few months here to soak in every opportunity that offered here!!!

TAAP CLASS OF 2013 - First Blogs

May 31, 2013

Samantha Donnelly- University of Central Florida 

As of yesterday I have been in here for 2 weeks and time has flown by.  I have done so many amazing things both in and out of the office. In the office, I have had the opportunity to work with Sarah Chapman, the Assistant Stage Manager of Les Misérables on show prep work.  I made a scenic flip chart that included a rendering and ground plan for each of the different scenes through out the show. Out of the office I have gone on some pretty interesting adventures. I took a six-mile walk on the East of Aspen Trail. Having the mountains surround me as I walked the path, crossing over the rivers and creeks, was beautiful. Another adventure I had was when all of the apprentices went rafting. It was an amazing experience that was enjoyed by everyone. I was one of the few crazy people who went for a voluntary swim in the 40-degree water. The water was freezing but felt great. I have also been doing a lot of cooking since I am here. I made a pasta dinner one night, lots of chicken salad and some sweet chili teriyaki stir fry….yum! My roommates love when I cook and its something I love to do. I am so excited for the rest of the summer with such an amazing group on people.

TAAP Class of 2013 - First Blogs

May 31, 2013

Bailey Frankenberg, Cap21

My first two weeks here in Aspen have been nothing short of amazing. Before arriving, I was so excited to start my Apprenticeship here that I could barely sleep in the days leading up to my flight! Now that I’m here, everything has exceeded my expectations beyond my imagination. Not only are the sights breathtaking (I love finding the different bends of the Roaring Fork River around the city), but the people here are amazing! Around town, around the office, and even the people I’m lucky enough to live with this summer are so warm and welcoming. My roommates and neighbors are all wonderful. We’ve become a fun group of friends that hang out in the evenings after work and rehearsals and play Catchphrase or watch VHS movies. I live with Alie (Sally in “Charlie Brown”), Sam (Assistant Stage Manager for “Charlie Brown”) and Chelsea (Cosette in “Les Misérables”) and it’s such a great household to come home to at the end of the day. I’ve really enjoyed being able to tell people I’ve met here that I’m working for Theatre Aspen, and the responses I get are so positive and excited for the Theatre’s summer season. I had the honor of sitting in at the beginning of the first rehearsal for “Les Misérables” on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more proud to be connected to the Theatre producing this production! It makes me really excited to start our rehearsals for “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!” this June, where I get to live out my dream role of Lucy Van Pelt. This Week’s Thought: Happiness is a long bike ride with a new friend. And Sam’s chicken salad.

TAAP Class of 2013 - First Blogs

May 30, 2013

Alie Walsh,  University of Oklahoma

I have now been in Aspen for almost two weeks! I was told that it was going to be gorgeous, but words cannot accurately describe the beauty here. My first day I took thirty pictures of the mountains and town, but when I got back to the apartment found my phone full of pictures of my forehead because my camera was flipped. My roommates and I joke everyday on our way to the office that it feels like the mountains are backdrops. My roommates are amazing. Sam, who will be assistant stage manager for Charlie Brown, is an awesome cook and keeps our apartment well fed. Bailey, who is playing Lucy in Charlie Brown, brings back wildflowers from her twelve mile bike rides to keep the apartment beautiful.   Chelsea just arrived and her first full day here we went rafting on the Roaring Fork River which was one of the coolest things I've ever done. Every shop we've stopped by in town has positive things to say about Theatre Aspen and the staff here.  It seems like the community really embraces the theatre and wholeheartedly enjoys coming to the shows.  I am thoroughly enjoying the start of my summer here and can't wait to watch the city come alive as we head into season.

TAAP Class of 2013 - First Blogs

May 30, 2013

Luke Steinhauer, University of Michigan


I arrived in Aspen this past Saturday to a picturesque view of a clear blue sky and towering mountains off to the distance. I could not help but acknowledge my excitement over the natural beauty that would surround me for the next couple of months. The next morning I hit the "water" running (literally) with an awesome white water rafting trip down the Roaring Fork River. Holding tightly to the raft with only my two feet and my hands on the oversized yellow paddle, we soared down the icy cold river hitting large rapids and steering clear of boulders and other debris that lay in the river. The trip was one of the most exciting adventures of my life and thankfully we made it to the end having only really sore arms and very wet body suits. Following the outdoor adventure on Sunday, I started work at the TA office doing basic office tasks and learning about the inner-workings of a not for profit theatre. On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet the Les Misérables cast and crew and get an overview of what the overall concept for the show was going to be here at Theatre Aspen. The show is usually set on big stages and the challenge is bringing it to the smaller Hurst Theatre. I cannot wait to see it all come together! In addition to all the work I've been doing for TA, I've also had the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Aspen and experience a lot of the local restaurants, trails, shops, and open air markets that make this city so great. There's truly no place like Aspen and I cannot wait for the rest of my summer here in Aspen and also apprenticing/performing (as Schroeder in CHARLIE BROWN) with Theatre Aspen.

The 39 Steps completes TA season openings.

July 29, 2012


Somehow, it got to be the end of July.  In between the opening and closing of the wildly fun and successful AVENUE Q, the creation of the entirely ‘green’ How I Became A Pirate, and oh, yeah, the completion of our permanent lobby and the stunning Rio Grande Park landscape, Theatre Aspen is looking toward the end of another season.

There’s more to be had, for sure.  Our educational programs will benefit from the 7th Annual Education Dinner on Sunday July 29th.  Featuring a five-course gourmet meal with paired wines and some fantastic performances by Theatre Aspen School students and alumni, this night is a hugely important one for TAS.  It raises money to keep our year-round programming going, as well as ensuring that no student will ever be turned away for need.

Speaking of TAS, this week we open the crown jewels of our summer camp programming – the Teen Conservatory production of ALL SHOOK UP and our tweens’ production of BUGSY MALONE.  August 1st and 2nd, All Shook Up will take place in the Hurst Theatre, and BUGSY performs at the Galena Plaza, on August 3rd and 4th.  Tickets for both are available at or the Wheeler Box Office (970.920.5770).

We’ll check back in after this week…in the mean time, enjoy the raining afternoons and come by the theatre for some great laughs and stage magic!

It sure feels like we’re in a Time Warp…

August 3, 2011

How is it August already?  How has our wonderful theatre already rehearsed, teched, and opened three mainstage shows (including one new play, one show stopper musical classic, and one newly developed dance musical), produced two youth shows (the Teen Conservatory’s URINETOWN and the youth musical theatre workshop’s WIZARD OF OZ), hosted our annual education dinner, assisted with the second annual President’s Dinner, housed dozens of artists across town, thrown three opening night parties and one closing night party, not to mention open a brand new tent and theatre lobby?  And all with a smile on our faces?  I thank the lucky stars that the national heat wave has not made its sultry humid way over to temperately sunny Aspen, Colorado.  But are we done? Heck no!  WIZARD OF OZ, directed by Tammy Barr and run through our Theatre Aspen School, opens today and runs again tomorrow at 10:30am.  The youth ensemble features 36 performers ranging from age 8-12; that makes for a lot of Munchkins and a lot of Ozian Manicurists! Stepping up in age, Aspen’s Got Young Talent rolls into town for one night only this Monday, August 8th at 6:30pm.  Any audiophile’s sweet tooth will be satisfied by this intense night of musical stylings.  Another raucous reahearsal was underway yesterday here at the Red Brick Arts Center, with a full cast filling in for the first time to run through solos and group numbers with music legend and musical director Bob Finnie.  This show is a toughie, but the kids can handle the challenge.  Our elder female belters arrived with belts on (of the metaphoric variety), and they meant business.  Yasmeen, Lindsay, Flynn, Zoe, and our own Chelsie Nectow and Tess Ferrell (cast members from the company of ANNIE) worked on perfecting harmonies for the ominously melodic “Mama Who Bore Me” from the tony award-winning hit SPRING AWAKENING.  The number is tricky, with five-part harmonies and meandering timings, but it will certainly be a show stopper when it its the stage monday night.  As Bob Finnie aptly put it, “the children in this show are twice as talented , at least, than the kids coming from New York. Those New Yorkers better step up their game…”  Right he is, that Finnie, right he is…

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