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You’re a Good Friend, Charlie Brown - DAY TWO

August 8, 2017

What an amazing second day of the “You’re a Good Friend, Charlie Brown" program!

Miss Jordyn and Miss Emma started the day with some stretches to warm up the students bodies. Then we read “You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown” to give the students an idea of the story that we will be telling. Then we played two games, Late For School and Superheroes and Supervillians. These were both favorites and everyone is looking forward to playing again.

After snack, we started to create our masks. We were joined by Miss Allison once again and she showed us how to make our masks perfect. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even though it was a sticky job!

With Miss Sonya, we started with Animal Yoga. It was great to see all of the animals stretch themselves out while having fun with their voices. Then, we started to choreograph a movement piece to “The Book Report” from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. All of the students cannot wait for our showcase.

Miss Jordyn, Miss Sonya and Miss Emma cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!  

Some wondering questions to start a conversation based on today's lessons:

Who were some of the characters in the book we read? Who was your favorite?

What character are you playing in our song for the showcase?