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You’re a Good Friend, Charlie Brown - DAY ONE

August 7, 2017


We had an awesome first day at Theatre Aspen this summer with our last week’s camp: You’re a Good Friend, Charlie Brown! Our room is full of lovely students, led by teaching artists Miss Jordyn and Miss Sonya, with teaching assistant Miss Emma.

We started the day by getting to know each other using name squares that the students decorated themselves. We had lots of fun getting to know the students and some of their favorite things to draw. We learned all about characters and talked about characters in the Peanuts stories.

In the morning, we also created classroom rules together that we will follow by for the remainder of the week.

We then moved on to the art classroom, where we used water colors to paint a background for our good friends, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Everyone then got to share why they were such good friends. Our lunch break, even though partially cloudy, was a great bonding time for the students. They really got to know each other.

Following lunch, Miss Sonya gave us some time to relax. We listened to different songs to get our brains flowing with what movements we could add to the songs. We then used our bodies to show that we were in different places, like the beach or the mountains. We became animals to explore the different parts of our bodies that could move to create a different thing. We also created letters with our bodies and a few other friends. Miss Sonya ended our day with a story that let the students imaginations flow.

Overall, today was an amazing day. We learned so much about each other and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week has in store!

** Some big questions from today that you can talk with the students about:

What is a character? Who are the different characters in the Peanuts stories?

Can you use all parts of your body to move?