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Mirette and the High Wire - DAY TWO

August 1, 2017

Day 2 was a nice mix of new activities and our favorite games from yesterday! 

Miss Jordyn started us out with our favorite warm-up game, Whoosh! Then, we playe some games that helped us practice Focus and Teamwork:

  • Bean Bag Toss - a focus game that challenges us to pass a bean bag without talking, (or, to make it even more challenging, without laughing!)
  • Who Has It? - a silly game where we pass a bean bag around in secret and a detective tries to guess who has it
  • Statue Garden - an instant favorite that involves freezing when the Gardener is looking, and moving when he or she is not!

Photos: Students are challenged to control the urge to laugh while playing Bean Bag Toss

Following snack, we danced our wiggle worms out with a game of Freeze Dance! Then we settled in for storytime. We talked about who the characters were in our stories and how they might feel. Then, we played a game of Character Tag in which we transformed into our favorite characters and moved around the space.

Photo: Students raise their hand to identify different characters from one of our books

We held a well-deserved lunch break outside at the playground, where our characterization and character movement continued into our playground games!

Following lunch, Miss Sonya started off our Movement class by reading our story for the week - Mirette on the High Wire - about a young girl who is taught to walk the tightrope by a famous acrobat named Bellini. We decided what parts we wanted to play, and rehearsed our performance for the showcase this Friday. Then, we played some Movement games:

  • Human Clay - in partners, we took turns being the artist and the clay, creating fun sculptures out of just our bodies
  • Machine - working together, we used our bodies and voices to create a Cupcake Machine, Baby Doll Machine, and a very enthusiastic Theatre Aspen Machine
  • Simon Says - one of our favorites from yesterday

Photos: Miss Sonya reads us the story of Mirette on the High Wire for our final showcase; Artists sculpt their human clay to create sculptures such as "The Revolting Mime" and "Mirette Dances on the High Wire"

Tomorrow, we will continue to practice our Showcase story and practice having strong, confident stage presence!