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Mirette and the High Wire - DAY THREE

August 2, 2017

We kicked the day off today with an energetic Dance Party, dancing to our favorite songs from Sing, Moana, and Trolls!

 Then, Miss Jordyn led us in some activities to practice Storytelling:

  • Two Truths and a Lie - a game in which we practice telling stories to our friends by saying two things that are true about ourselves, and one thing that is made up
  • Point & Story- then, we practiced working together to tell one big story about a rhinocerous named Sparkles, and his friend Flipper

We finished with a game of Magic Elevator, during which we used our imagiantion to take trips to exotic locations such as Turkey, Africa, and Chocolateland. 

We enjoyed a sunny snack break outside before coming in to work on our showcase. The students were very excited to show Miss Jordyn what they had learned with Miss Sonya yesterday! Then, we read our story one more time and talked about what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of our story. To test our memory, we wrote events from the story, scrambled them up, and tried to put them back in the right order. I think our parents will be very impressed with how well this group knows this story.

Photos: Our students were very excited to share their showcase movement with Miss Jordyn

At lunch today, we had a lot of fun on the tube slides, and had a party on the swings! Then, we headed back to the classroom for Movement class with Miss Sonya.

In the afternoon, we played some of our favorite games from the week, and learned a couple new ones as well:

  • Guided Meditation - This time, we went to places like the jungle, and the circus!
  • Animal Exploration - This has become one of our favorite movement exercises.
  • Chief - As well as a new variation called Poison Frog
  • Storybook Pictures - Students used their bodies to recreate images from our story book

Photo: Students recreate images from Mirette on the Hire Wire using their bodies and imagination

We also did another fantastic practice of our showcase movement, set to music. We are excited for our families and friends to come see our final showcase on Friday!