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Mirette and the High Wire - DAY ONE

July 31, 2017

This week's Mirette and the High Wire is off to a great start. This group is a lovely mix of TAS veterans and students new to Theatre Aspen and theatre camp, led by teaching artists Miss Jordyn and Miss Sonya and teaching assistant Miss Allison.

We started the day with Miss Jordyn helping us gett to know each other through a variety of Drama Games, such as:

  • Wind Blows West - a game that gets us moving and builds our confidence speaking in front of each other
  • Character Duck, Duck, Goose - like the classic game, with a fun drama twist!
  • Red Light/Green Light - in our version, we like to be different animals while moving fast and slow, and freezing

Photos: Students engaged in Character Duck, Duck, Goose and acting as princesses and knights during Red Light, Green Light


In the morning, we also collaborated on some classroom rules together that we will follow by for the remainder of the week.

After our snack break outside, we warmed up with an energy game called Whoosh! and played some Story Drama games that taught us about the different parts of the stage:

  • Staging a Theatre - an activity that taught us about the different parts of the stage by acting them out with our bodies
  • Blackout - a game about listening and following directions that uses the parts of the stage we just learned

Photos: The game Whoosh! requires a lot of energy and focus - and makes a giggle a lot, too!


We wound down our morning with a new class favorite, Superheroes & Supervillains. In the afternoon, we took a lunch break at the Aspen Elementary School playground, and were joined by Miss Sonya.

Following lunch, Miss Sonya introduced us to our Movement class with a bunch of fun new activities:

  • Guided Meditation - Miss Sonya played music and we imagined what kind of characters we were, where we were going, and what we might be doing
  • Animal Exploration - each person picks different animals and we explore the room like those animals
  • Chief - a group game in which one person is a secret leader and a detective must discover who the leader is by watching the group 
  • And one of our favorites...Mirror - in partners, we tried to move together and follow each other so closely that Miss Sonya could not guess who the leader was!

Photo: Students stand BIG as a starfish with Miss Sonya


It was a very busy, day full of lots of new activities and friends. Tomorrow, we will begin to learn about our story for the showcase on Friday and practice some of our favorite games from today!