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Mirette and the High Wire - DAY FOUR

August 3, 2017

With our showcase just around the corner, we had a lot of fun today rehearsing our show and practicing our favorite activities.

In the morning with Miss Jordyn, we started with a Dance Party to get our energy up! Then we played some of our favorite Drama Games:

  • Whoosh! - Our favorite warm-up game
  • Secret Leader - A teamwork and observation game that always makes us giggle
  • Body Hide - a new game in which we have to work together to hide our classmates using only our bodies (trickier than it sounds!)
  • Count to 10 - a focus game that involves counting to 10 while following silly rules like: instead of 5 say "cupcake"
  • Superheroes & Supervillains - students play secret supervillains and superheroes, and everyone else tries to guess!

Photos: The townspeople of Puppytown must discover who the SUPERVILLAIN is among them before the villain kidnaps the entire city!

At snack, we were serenaded by the sounds of the opera singers rehearsing at Aspen Middle School. Some of our students were even inspired to try their hand (or voice, rather) at opera!

  • Point & Story - we told a new story today, this time about a unicorn named Sparkles
  • Gracious Goat - a fun new activity in which we pass around and imaginary goat and practice using our voices in many different ways (high/low, fast/slow, like our favorite characters!)
  • Practice Showcase - we put our new voice awareness to work while practicing telling our story so big and loud the opera singers at AMS could hear us!

Photos: Gracious Goat was easily one of the most popular activities today - our friends' funny voices had us cracking up!

Before lunch, we also filled out personal Self-Reflections from the week, and talked about the skills we have been practicing.

After lunch, Miss Sonya joined us again for another great afternoon of Movement:

  • Stretch - we stretched our whole bodies, transforming into different animals like puppies, frogs, and starfish
  • Bear Hunt - Miss Sonya taught us a new song, and we acted it out using the whole room
  • Poison Frog - a great focus game (our favorite part is dying a dramatic death when the Poison Frog points their tongue at us!)

Photos: Students make their bodies "as wide as they can;" Miss Sonya spots a BEAR during our "Going on a Bear Hunt" song

We also practiced our Movement showcase story, and learned some new movement to a fun song from "Aristocats."

We are so excited to share everything we have worked on this week at our Showcase tomorrow! Hope we'll see you there:)