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Day Three!

July 19, 2017

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Holy gucamole! It's already the end of Wednesday?! Time really does fly when you're having fun! 

What better way to start off the day in CREATIVE DRAMA then playing a silly imaginative game? Miss Allison lead us in a game where we had something in our hands and we had to use your imagination to think of what it WASN'T. For example, if we're holding a bean bag, "This is NOT a.... purple marker!" And the silliness ensued. (Everything from shovels to cupcakes were mentioned!) 

Our key skills of the day were: coordination in DANCE, making choices in CREATIVE DRAMA, and incorporating stage presence into SINGING, and we completely succeeded! Some of my favorite moments as a teacher are when I see the students come out of their shell and completely come into their own, and when you see their imaginations and personalities soar; this group especially excels at all of those, and it's becoming more apparent as each day goes on. They seem energized, enthusiatic, and creatively ambitious, and it makes my job so much more fun seeing all of the amazing characters and scenarios they create themselves. 

In singing class today, I started off by having my students to a kind of tongue twister warm up (I'm Miss Kayla!) that also incorparted our physicality too; we did a variation of the "Witch Doctor" song (ooh eee, ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang!) and also did a vocal roller coaster to get our breath going, really work on our listening skills, and sing all up and down our range (working on both quiet and projected singing as well!) to get the students used to the sensation of moving and singing at the same time - just like in our showcase! And speaking of showcase... we made excellent progress today! Not only did we work on the trickiest section of "Zip A Dee Doo Dah," (in hip hop fashion, no less) I also thought it would be a great challenge to incorporate another song into our showcase: A spinoff of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with an Alice in Wonderland twist! The students are so eager to learn and create, it makes my job as an educator and supporter all the better, and I know they could totally take on the challenge of another song!  

We also incorporated some theatrical terms with a game of Simon Says. The students learned the difference between stage left, stage right, upstage and downstage, what "hit your mark" means, and where the house is located! It seems easy upon first hearing the terms, but things get a little tricky when we've got 15 hopping kangaroos all bouncing to stage left! This exercise really taught them to keep their listening ears on, and to trust their gut on where to go, even if their friends weren't going the same way they were! And stage presence was EXTREMELY apparent in this game! One of the greatest successes I had today was in one group we were playing Simon Says. I didn't start off by saying "Simon Says" and not a single student moved. What?!! They all had their listening ears on, and not a single person budged! I can tell our listening and awareness skills are becoming super focused and great, even over the course of three days! Woohoo! 

I have to say, my favorite part of today was at the very end of our day - we play a game called "Statues" that the students have come to know and love, and I had the privilege of putting on my best evil scowl and portraying the Evil Red Queen. We ended the day with laughs, hugs, and far too many "off with her head's."

I'm eager to see what everyone brings to tomorrow's class, and I can't wait to incorporate everything we've learned this week into our showcase prep and performance! I find myself coming home with a smile on my face, which is the best way to end my day, and eagerly waking up excited about the wonderful day ahead with these students.