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Alice Through The Looking Glass: Day 2

July 19, 2017


We started off our second day of camp with a game of statues. One teacher pretends to be a night guard and tries to catch the moving statues. This game shows the kids’ creativity in their positions and their playfulness when they can’t control their laughter. Then we split into two groups and began our activities.

Miss Alison started off her class with a game of space matter, where the kids pretended to create objects or activities from their imaginations and showing what they were with the movements of their bodies. Some creative ideas included making ice cream, playing with a hula-hoop, and chewing bubble gum. Then we transitioned to creating short skits using the items or activities the kids created in their minds. This activity featured skits about getting stranded on an island, and losing a dog in a batch of ice cream.

In dance class, Miss Britney taught the kids about tempo and asked them to decide if a song was slow, medium, or fast. Then they learned stage directions in a game of blackout. This game is similar to Simon says. Miss Britney called out a stage direction, such as “Stage Left”, and the kids followed. When she yelled “blackout”, everyone froze until she said “light ups”. Finally, we ended dance class with freeze dance.

During lunch the kids had the opportunity to get outside, and play with kids who weren’t in their group. Their creative minds came up with different variations of tag, played on the monkey bars, and made endless laughter.

In the last class of the day, Miss Kayla started teaching the kids the words to “Zip a dee doo dah”. They picked them up so fast! Then we took a break from showcase rehearsal and sang “Baby Shark”. Everyone had so much fun coming up with different voices for the sharks. Finally, we played character Freeze Dance. Everyone chose a character from Alice in Wonderland and acted out how they envisioned that character behaving, while trying not to get out.

At the end of the day we all joined together to play more hilarious rounds of Statues. Towards the end, some of the kids laughter was so loud and shook through their whole bodies that they couldn’t stay still during the game. Overall, it was an incredible day filled with learning and joy.