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Wednesday, June 21, 2017- Movie Star Camp

June 21, 2017

After receiving their scripts and starting rehearsal yesterday, the kids were ready and excited to start a full day of rehearsal today!  Our producer, Steve, met the kids for the first time today as well.  Everyone enjoyed his anecdotes and acting tips, and each group was able to apply them in their own way.  

snack time!

Some of the skills we focused on today were energy, attitude, and character.  The Oscars practiced bringing their characters to life with dynamic character choices and dramaitc acting, and they are very nearly ready for filming tomorrow!  The Emmys will enjoy one more day of rehearsal before it's time for them to shoot, but everyone is excited to make their films come to life on the big screen.

We also played a variety of fun acting games, including ninja (a game centered around decision making, holding a pose, and use of energy) and gracious goat (a game that focuses on character deciaions and espression).  The kids got a chance to just goof off and relax during snack and lunch as well.

We had lots of fun today and also learned a lot! Rehearsal was very productive and entertaining for both the teachers and students.  :D  (Pictures: snack being passed out, relaxing during snack break, the Oscars rehearsing)OscarsRelaxing

You Can’t Stop the Beat - Day Three

June 21, 2017

We can’t believe this week is already halfway over! It’s true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun and that’s especially true with this group of fun and imaginative students who always participate in every activity.

This morning’s dance class with Miss Britney really focused on our awesome dances that we got to finish today! After watching a video from Matilda: The Musical where the kids in the show danced very energetically, everyone was really excited to get started and be like those kids, so we were lucky enough to work a lot and we were able to complete our dances.

Our lunch was fun-filled even though there was a storm on the way.

Our break was cut a little short but Miss Allison had a plan for the students. We all drew our favorite dance moves, and a lot of the students couldn’t choose a favorite one because they love them all so much. Then, we played charades which is an awesome drama game that everyone knew. Everyone was so excited about it, so we made our own cards that the students brought home to play with their families.

Miss Britney, Miss Allison and Miss Emma are so amazed by this group of students and at how fast this week is going, but we are so lucky to have two more days with these students, who are allowing us to have just as much fun as they are! Everyone is always so energized and really good team players. They all work together and it is so much fun to watch them have fun while including everyone!

**Wondering questions to discuss with the students:

Now that the dances are finished, which one is your favorite?

How can we use our bodies to show different objects?

Movie Star Camp Session One

June 20, 2017

What an incredible first day of class! Miss Tatym, Miss Kylee, Miss Jordynn, Miss Allison, Miss Britney and Miss Amber are so thrilled to have this group of students with this much energy. They only show promise in what they will be able to create for the showing of their Movie Premiere! 

We began the day by breaking into our "Rotation Groups". These three rotation groups visited three different classrooms allowing for each group to explore different parts of creating a movie. In one room we discussed "Acting for Film" by participating in a fun activity called The Shopper. In this acivitiy one student is a shopper and one is the salesperson. When given an emotion to act, the salesperson must identify what the emotion the shopper is experiencing. We disccused what goals are while also learning how to "Slate" in an audition. 

Miss Tatym taught us about the elements of a story. We came up with different conflicts, solutions and described various settings of some of our favorite movies. We, in turn, came up with conflicts, solutions, and settings that might be used in our films. We discussed Improv and engaged in varying Improv/Acting Games such as What are you doing?Signs, and WHOOSH! 

Our last roation class explored the differences between acting for theatre and acting for film. Miss Jordynn had the students demonstrate what it is like acting in a scene for theatre and acting in a scene for film through the activity Near and Far

Following Lunch Break outside, we broke into new groups. All groups rehearsed there audtion materials. For audtions, we explored what it was like to give a "cold read". Each student was given their material and was able to rehearse with their scene partner before slating and audtioning infront of the class. Auditions took us up until check-out time. 

Today was an exciting day. Many students saw old friends and many made new ones! Our teaching staff is most definitely looking forward to seeing what this group of students has to create this week!

You Can’t Stop the Beat - Day Two

June 20, 2017

What an amazing second day of the “You Can’t Stop the Beat" program!

Miss Britney and Miss Emma started the day with some stretches to warm up the students bodies. Then we started the choreography for the two dances that we were doing. We worked on our Broadway Dance piece, which is to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray! We also watched amazing clips from showstopping numbers in musicals including, Hairspray, Mary Poppins and Newsies.

After snack, we worked on our Pop Dance piece, which is to “Try Everything” from Zootopia. All of the students picked up the choreography really quickly and seemed to be enjoying themselves a whole lot!

With Miss Allison, we played lots of awesome drama games, but started with a trip to the forest. Everyone’s imaginations took them to all different places. We learned some more stage vocabulary including “cheat out.” This is where we turn to the audience so that they can hear us and see us when we are speaking. We also played Superheroes and Supervillians, which is always a favorite with students.

Miss Britney, Miss Allison and Miss Emma cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!  

**Some wondering questions to start a conversation based on today's lessons:

What was your favorite dance that you learned today? What is your favorite move?

What does “cheat out” mean?

You Can’t Stop the Beat - Day One

June 19, 2017


We had an awesome first day at Theatre Aspen this summer with our third week’s camp: You Can’t Stop the Beat! Our room is full of lovely students with a lot of girl power, led by teaching artists Miss Britney and Miss Allison, with teaching assistant Miss Emma.

We started the day by getting to know each other using name squares that the students decorated themselves. Then we created dance movements to go along with our names. It was really interesting to see what the students could do with their bodies when they use their imaginations.

In the morning, we also created classroom rules together that we will follow by for the remainder of the week. To finish off our class with Miss Britney, we played freeze dance with some moves that we learned, the students really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Our lunch break was full of sun and laughter.

Following lunch, Miss Allison gave us some time to relax. We all traveled to the beach in our imagination and built amazing and giant sandcastles that were all super different. It was really entertaining to enter into all of the students imaginations. We then we learned about the different parts of a theatre with a game called Black-Out! Finally, we finished with going to the Aspen School District Theatre. Everyone enjoyed seeing the actual aspects of the theatre in real life.

Overall, today was an amazing day. We learned so much about each other and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week has in store!

** Some big questions from today that you can talk with the students about:

What are the different ways that you can move your body?

Can you use all parts of your body to dance?

Good Night Gorillas!- Day Five

June 16, 2017

We had our last day of our Good Night Gorilla! Program today. Miss Allison and Miss Amber were bummed, but thrilled that we ended the week on such a high energetic note! We all wore our camp t-shirts!

We began today by drawing emotions we may experience. Mr. Graham (Director of Education) visited us while we drawing and we got to share our emotions by showing each other how they look.

Next, we introduced some new drama activities to help round out our week: 

Gracious Goat (an activity that explores character voices, character body, and making choices), Character Tag (an activity focusing on character movement, coordination, and imagination), and lastly we revisited Statues (an activity honing in on focusing, controlling our bodies, and coordination). These activities lead us right up to snack break which we took outside. Because it was the last day of class, we did not miss a beat in exploring the playground. We created a story with characters and motive while imagining these things on the playground. It was a beautiful day outside, but we had to eventually come inside from the heat. 

After finishing our puppets from yesterday, we discussed emotions a little further: how and when we feel certain ways. We used a balloon to demonstrate a 'Happy Balloon'. This activity is called the Balloon Game. We practiced our focus, active listening skills, and how we follow direction. This took us up to the end of class where we rehearsed our Goodnight, Gorilla! story with the puppets we created the first day. 

Overall, today was a superb final day of class. We began the week by meeting new friends and by the end of the week, we were all one small but mighty team. We hope to see you all at The World According to Snoopy! 

Glee Factor Day Seven

June 15, 2017

Only one day to go in Glee Factor!

Today we had the opportunity to do a PREVIEW performance of our three dances for Theatre Aspen Staff: Markus Potter (Associate Artistic Director), Graham Northrup (Director of Education) and David Gram (Apprentice Coordinator).

Improv was busy practing all of our games that we will peform tomorrow for the Showcase, and we were cracking up the whole time! Before we did the preview for TA staff in Dance we ran through all of our songs several times with Heather, learning how to listen to notes and apply them the next time we run the song. Heather stuck around for Voice as we continued to put it all together, practicing singing along to the tracks with full choreography. We even added in our guitar props!

The day ended with us painting our guitars, just wait until you see the finished product!

Journey of the Rainbow Fish - Day 4

June 15, 2017

Miss Jordyn, Miss Sonya, Miss Allison and Miss Emma are so bummed that tomorrow is the last day of this program since we’ve been having so much fun this week! We had such a fantastic day today as we prepare for tomorrow's showcase.

We played many games from earlier this week, especially the games surrounding focus, before jumping into our rehearsal for the performance, such as “WHOOSH!” and “Who Has It?”. We also learned some new activities, including:

Passing Bean Bag (an activity where students pass a bean bag around the circle and then try to convince whoever is in the middle that they have the bean bag! This works on focus and use of voice),

We also focused on our script and how to use the different characters that are created by our puppets.

After a snack break outside, we joined Miss Sonya to create our movement activity that we will show everyone tomorrow! The students are so excited to show friends and family all that they have learned this week.

Following lunch, we had our last puppet craft of the program as we made starfish puppets out of gloves, beads, and, most importantly, googly eyes! They are easy to make and a lot of fun for the students to make with their families! We also spent some time coloring our showcase invitations and practicing again for tomorrow. It was our first time using our puppets to perform and the students had loads of fun and did an excellent job!

Miss Jordyn, Miss Sonya, Miss Allison and Miss Emma will see everyone tomorrow! Make sure to wear or bring your purple shirts; we’re looking forward to a wonderful last day of the Journey of the Rainbow Fish program!

Good Night Gorillas!- Day Four

June 15, 2017

Miss Allison and Miss Amber are pretty bummed that tomorrow is the last day of our Goodnight Gorilla! program. We have been having so much fun all week! We had a superb day today as we began talking about our families. 

To start the morning, we drew pictures of our families and focused on what shapes we could use to draw them and what might their favorite clothing be. 

Following our students sharing their family drawings, we revisited some of our favorite drama games including The Wind Blows West and Magic Elevator

After a snack break outside, we began creating new puppets. These new puppets are puppets of the full body and we can decorate their clothing and choose if they wish to be happy or sad. This took us right up to pick up time. But before parents picked up their students, we played 2 final games of Statues! Some of our parents even joined in! 

Miss Allison and Miss Amber are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Make sure to wear or bring your new purple camp shirts. We can all wear the same shirt for our last day of our Goodnight Gorilla! program! 

Glee Factor Day Six

June 15, 2017

Today was a very exciting day as the Showcase gets closer and closer!

In Improv Sonya revealed the games we will be performing for the Showcase! With a quick round of Zip Zap Zop to get our FOCUS we then practiced three of our Showcase games (which will reamain top secret at the request of the actors). Needless to say, we were cracking up watching each other perform. We finished off improv playing a group favorite, Statues.

With all three of our dances choreographed, we were able to spend Dance class practicing and adding our own flair to each dance. In combination with Voice class, we focused a lot on PROJECTING while dancing full out! With some of our words still a little wonky, we also practed MEMORIZING our lyrics and began AUDITIONS for solos and duets.

Rock star poses at the end of one of our songs! Just wait until you see the awesome moves that lead up to this smile

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