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Off To A Great Start With “Through The Looking Glass”!

July 17, 2017

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The morning begins with "Name Squares", a fun activity in which the kids can decorate their names/hobbies onto construction paper! They choose the color and share their favorite hobbies and interests with their peers. After the  check-in process is complete, and the kids have decorated their papers enough, we moved on to our next activity: "The Wind Blows West". In this game, kids verbally express things they like and get to see what things they have in common with others. "The wind blows west if I like ICE CREAM", many young kids expressed, and if someone likes ice cream, too, then they move to another person's name square! This game was a great way for students to learn other students' names and build relationships.

The curriculum begins with Miss Annabel teaching the key functions of dance. "What part or parts of your body do you use to dance?" Annabel asks. Suddenly a myriad of answers comes swarming her way, from "YOUR TOES" to "YOUR ENTIRE BODY"! The kids were even interested in how you dance with your hair. Soon the students got to put their answers to work with Zippity Do-Da. Everyone learned the hip-hop version of the classic tune, and had a BLAST. 

Soon after our snack break, we headed over to Miss Kayla's class for more Zippty Do-Da fun! We played games that challenged the way the kids thought of singing. Like an impromptu game of "SING YOUR NAME", which seemed more like a broadway musical than a game! After a little fun and games, we learned the melody and lyrics to Zippity Do-Da from Alice in Wonderland! Off to lunch we go!

Lunch time is always great. It's amazing where a kid's imagination will take them! All of the kids were well-behaved during lunch, and tidy when it came time to clean up and head back in.

Though the children had time to play for an hour and a half at lunch, their energy seemed to skyrocket ice drama class began! Miss Allison decided to take the kids on a beach vacation with some sweet ocean meditation music to relax a bit before making some serious (seriously playful) acting choices! We all shared our vacation stories in a circle, and she incorporated that into her lesson. Telling stories is EASY whether the story is real or not. 

All in all, the day was terrific, and we are looking forward to more great days like this one! 

Snoopy & the Red Baron DAY FOUR!

June 29, 2017

Day Four at Snoopy & the Red Baron was full of showcase practice and fun!

Today we did playful, thoughtful and creative activities all day long. In Movement we practiced both of our songs and started the day explore movement with scarves. During Voice we had a special guest, Miss Taylor, join us and help us sing all of our silly songs! We did an amazing job remembering our lyrics and practiced singing them from our showcase spots. Ending the day with Drama Games, we practiced Point & Story, which will be part of our showcase and learned a new game, Red Light/Green Light. In the Theatre Aspen version, the caller gets to pick an obstacle or character for us to be as we move. It was a lot of fun!

We cannot wait to share everything we have done with our family and friends tomorrow!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - DAY FOUR

June 29, 2017

Time truly flies when you're having fun and that is absolutely the case this week with our "BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR" program!

Our morning began with drawing pictures of our favorite trip we've ever been on and sharing our Emotion Masks from yesterday, since Miss Allison helped our students out with the final touches! 

For our games, we embraced the ability to transform our bodies into many different shapes or objects, such as:

  • STRETCHING (using the image of a seed growing into a tree to help our students stretch out their bodies); 
  • HUMAN CLAY (an imaginative game where a "sculptor" [one student] gently shapes their human clay [another student] into any kind of statue, allowing the rest of the students to observe the product and share what they think the statue may be);
  • and BUILD A ROOM with our "SNOOPY AND THE RED BARON" friends (a follow-up game to Human Clay, the students worked together to transform our bodies into different objects in a specific room, committing to those objects and staying focused).

We enjoyed a snack break outside to regain energy for our crafts this afternoon! The students had a wonderful time prepping their two mask projects, which we will finish tomorrow morning - HANDPRINT ANIMALS and COLORED MASKS. 

Starting with the Handprint Animals, we first started with a refresh of our book for the week and talking about the different colors of the animals. We began making our animals, using paint to cover our hands and press them onto a sheet of paper, referencing the book as we went along. The students loved feeling the texture of the paint and had a great time, too! While we were letting them dry, we focused on painting our Colored Masks and also discovered what happens if we mix different paint colors with white or black. Tomorrow, we will turn these large sheets of paper that the students painted into different animal shapes. They are so excited to show their families and friends what they've made this week.

While we are sad that tomorrow is already the last day of camp, we cannot wait to have a fantastic last day tomorrow! 

Snoopy & the Red Baron DAY THREE!

June 28, 2017

Day Three at Snoopy & the Red Baron was full of so many different games and activities!

In Movement we finished learning one of our showcase songs! We also got to play Secret Leader again, this time our friends from Brown Bear, Brown Bear joined us and we all played together. Our focus as a group was amazing and we did a really great job remembering each other's names.

Voice was so much fun because we got to play with drums today, practicing different rhythms. We also worked on our lyrics and sang our silly songs! All of our friends did a wonderful job remember our words and our warm up songs. 

 Our drum circle

We ended the day with Drama Games, learning several new games that all build on each other. All of our games helped us practice listening to each other and acting out actions with our whole bodies (Charades). The day ended with a couple rounds of Superheros and Villians, which is definitely one of our favorite games.

 Working on our own charades cards

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - DAY THREE

June 28, 2017

Our Brown Bear, Brown Bear students accomplished so much today! Every day thus far, these students open their imaginations to us in new and exciting ways!

We started our morning with drawing pictures of things we liked to do, ranging from playing on a playground to going to the beach. Using this activity as a jumping point, we played games that allowed us to use our bodies as a way of communicating!

These games included:

  • Secret Leader with our "SNOOPY AND THE RED BARON" friends (a teamwork and awareness game where a "detective" must discover the "secret leader" in the group, who is leading everyone through various sneaky movements); 
  • What Are You Doing? (a focus and concentration game where one student performs mimes an activity, is asked "what are you doing?" and then must say an activity other than what they are acting out); 
  • and Charades (with prompts, the students must act out an activity and have the others guess what they are doing). 

Then, it was craft time! Miss Allison discussed different emotions and how we can use facial expressions to communicate what we are feeling. She then demonstrated our EMOTIONS MASK, using paper plates, various watercolor paints, pieces of paper to form parts of the face and brads. We first started by painting the paper plates with watercolors, learning how it is different from regular paint in the process. Next, we colored the different parts of the face, making each one unique and vibrant. 

At the end of the day, we listened to music while playing with our magical popsicle stick wands and wondering what will happen tomorrow!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - DAY TWO

June 27, 2017

Wow, what a fun day of our program today! Miss Allison and Miss Jordyn had such a fun time playing new games, discovering new ways to use our bodies to create shapes/objects and making disguises during our mask section of the day. The imagination of the students really inspired us. 

Our first drawing exercise was to draw pictures of our house, where we wish we lived, our favorite room in our house, etc. Our drawings ranged from houses in rainbows to houses in rocket ships, giving everyone a good laugh to start the day!

Friends from "SNOOPY AND THE RED BARON" joined us for a fun game of BEAN BAG TOSS (a focus and control game that allows us to add different challenges to the game, starting with passing the bean bag to the same person every time to not saying a word - or even laughing! - as the game goes on).

Then, we played some new games, including:

  • MAGICAL OBJECT (a game that takes an ordinary object and makes it extraordinary using imagination) and 
  • MAGIC WANDS (using a "magic wand" to transform into other characters, animals, etc). 

Post-snack, Miss Allison demonstrated our next craft: fun, silly disguises! (You can check out some silly photos from this activity and others on our INSTAGRAM page.) 

Finally, it was time for the students to make their own, using popsicle sticks, foam pieces and glue to make different mask costumes, such as a crown, bowtie, mustache and nose. We also had an assortment of different craft materials to make each item unique to the characters we wanted to make, all the while listening to songs from movies Moana, Frozen, Sing! and the musical Hairspray (our mainstage show at Theatre Aspen!).

Ask your students to show you their favorite character they've created with their masks - it's a great way to get them to determine specific characters and mannerisms. 

Tomorrow, Miss Allison and Miss Jordyn have a lot of new things in store; we're excitedly waiting for the students to come tomorrow for another day of fun!

Snoopy & the Red Baron DAY TWO!

June 27, 2017

What a wonderful second day at Snoopy & the Red Baron!

We began our first song in Movement with Miss Sonya. In this song, about Snoopy, we practiced moving like different animals and expressing emotions with our bodies. This tied into Singing with Mr Doug, where we began to learn our lyrics after vocal warm ups. We also went on an adventure to space, playing with ribbons creating shooting stars and orbits with our ribbons.

 (Inside our space ship)

Ending our day with Drama Games, we played Magic Object where we transformed a pencil into different objects with our imagination and our friends guessed what we were acting out. That led to us learning a new game, Point and Story, which may be one of our games for showcase since we had so much fun creating a story together!

Miss Sonya, Mr Doug, Miss Jordyn and Miss Britney are excited to see what tomorrow's energy will bring to our creative play!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - DAY ONE

June 27, 2017

It's the first day of the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" half-day juniors program and we are so excited to have a wonderful, imaginative group of students! This class, we are determined to focus on creative drama games and masks. 

We started the day by having the students draw pictures of things that we love, which we shared in a circle following the project. This helped us get to know each other and form relationships right away by shared hobbies. 

Then, we participated in many activities before our snack time, all of which involve making decisions and using our imagination:

  • WIND BLOWS WEST (a fun exercise that helps students become comfortable with each other, builds an ensemble and speaking in front of each other); 
  • PICTURE BOOK STORIES (using various books to create stories and discuss what might be happening in each individual picture, ignoring the words to create something new); 
  • and CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS (we combined with the other junior's program - "SNOOPY AND THE RED BARON" - to think of and decide on classroom expectations that we may all agree on, enforcing these expectations with each other in a positive way). 

After a snack break outside, we read our book of the week (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?), followed by making BEAR MASKS out of paper plates, various shapes/colors of construction paper and some small brown pieces of paper to make the fur. The kids had a great time gluing the fur onto the bear and assembling the various pieces of the bear in creative ways to make them unique and individual. They even found scrap pieces of papers that looked like books, thinking of what it might say and sharing with their friends! 

We had a wonderful first day and we cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds for our Brown Bear friends!

Snoopy & the Red Baron DAY ONE!

June 27, 2017

What a wonderful first day at Snoopy & the Red Baron camp!

We started the day in Movement with Miss Sonya, exploring the different ways we can move our bodies and even got to add scarves! Playing Secret  Leader we practiced our focus and explored different rhythms and movements as our friends mirrored us hoping that the guesser would not figure out who the leader was.

In Voice we began to look in detail at our inspiration for the week, the Snoopy & the Red Baron book. We looked at the different planes, the history of the story and talked about what makes this story so magical; Snoopy's ability to disappear into his imagination and explore a new world. Mr Doug taught us our vocal warm ups and taught us about the different parts of our faces and bodies that help us sing. We even got to play with the electric piano, identifying all the different instruments that can help build a melody.


The day ended taking an adventure with Miss Jordyn in Drama Games. We explored different ways to use our imagination, telling stories using images and songs. All of the students discovered different emotions that a song made them feel and some even created stories to share. Going on a magic wand adventure, we all packed our imagination backpacks and took turns leading the group on an adventure. We traveld to a camp site, cooked s'mores, took a boat to Africa, met some lions and then traveled home.

Cannot wait to see what adventures our imagination takes us on tomorrow!

You Can’t Stop the Beat - Day Four

June 22, 2017

Miss Britney, Miss Allison and Miss Emma are so bummed that tomorrow is the last day of this program since we’ve been having so much fun this week! We had such a fantastic day today as we prepared for tomorrow's showcase.

We did lots of stretching to get the students ready and then jumped right into our dancing. Everyone looked so ready and rehearsed! It was amazing that we only had to adjust three moves from each dance.

We also enjoyed a new movement game called “Machine.” All of the students join together to create one big collaborative machine. We also watched some videos to get us into the mood of dancing like animals. We watched a clip from Cats: The Musical, as well as The Lion King. It was great to see the students take in the information and make their dances similar to what they just saw.

Following lunch, we had our last Drama Games class. We played “Point, Story” which the students will be able to show off in their showcase tomorrow. We also colored the important invitations that help the students use their artistic skills and get to take home as a keepsake.

Miss Britney, Miss Allison and Miss Emma will see everyone tomorrow! Everyone is so excited to show the students families all that we have worked on this week. Make sure to wear or bring your purple shirts; we’re looking forward to a wonderful last day of the You Can’t Stop the Beat program!

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