Student Advisory Council

Theatre Aspen School announces the formation of a Student Advisory Council for Theatre Aspen School.


The Student Advisory Council consists of high school students in their freshman to senior years who love theatre. The Council will meet, at a minimum, once per quarter to discuss current courses being offered, ideas for future classes and/or productions, ways to engage students and the broader community in theatre arts.  The Student Advisory Council will act as ambassadors for Theatre Aspen and Theatre Aspen School (TAS). Students will help organize hospitality and outreach events related to TAS and TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) programs when possible (understanding that many of these students will also be participating in TAS programs.)

Benefits of participation

  • Meet and collaborate with other young people who love theatre
  • Develop leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Deepen their knowledge of the art and business of theatre
  • Receive guidance and feedback from theatre professionals
  • View world-class productions at our award-winning theatre
  • Build lasting relationships with Theatre Aspen and each other

Membership and Responsibilities

  • Council Member: High School students in grades 9-12, nominated by teachers, mentors and peers. Responsibilities include actively participating in meetings, events and all assigned tasks.
  • Chairperson: Nominated by the members of the council and appointed by Director of Education for a 1-year term, with option to be re-appointed for a second year. Responsible for running council meetings and setting the agenda with the Director of Education and assigning tasks for events. Actively participate in meetings, events and all assigned tasks.
  • Secretary: Nominated by the members of the council and appointed by Director of Education for a 1-year term. Responsibilities include taking minutes of meetings and handling intra-council communications. Actively participating in meetings, events and all assigned tasks.

Council Responsibilities

  • Meet quarterly to discuss current TAS agenda items
  • Brainstorm future productions and programming
  • Provide feedback on programming
  • Recruit new students for TAS programs and productions
  • Nominate additional or replacement council members
  • Mentor peers and younger students in productions
  • Reach out to welcome new participants
  • With TA staff, plan and execute community hospitality events (i.e. post-show receptions, talk-backs, camp/class showcases, etc.) for Theatre Aspen School productions and related events

Nomination Procedures

  • Receive nomination from Teacher, Theatre Aspen staff member, or peer serving on the Student Advisory Council.
  • Nominees required to submit a letter of intent for consideration to serve on the Council.

Download the Nomination Form here.

Download the Letter of Intent here.

For more information, please contact Graham Northrup, Director of Education, at or 970-300-4299.