The Miner Keys

Theatre Aspen is delighted to announce

A NEW performance-based cabaret show choir for singers in grades 9-12. 

Brought to you with the generous support of Rachel and Rick Klausner.

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Interested or have further questions? Let us know by sending an email to tas@theatreaspen.org

When are Rehearsals?

This summer rehearsals will be held 2 to 3 days per week after school starting the week of May 28 until school is out. Then rehearsals will be held 2 to 3 days per week until our first performance on June 19th. Afterwards, the rehearsal schedule will be determined based on upcoming performance needs, but will not exceed 2 to 3 rehearsals per week. Rehearsal timing will be based on student availability. More specific rehearsal information will become available as students submit their schedules.

When will we Perform?

Performances are already booked for the following dates:

  • June 17 - Theatre Aspen's Season Sneak Peak - A preview of the season, along with professionals rom the TA mainstage
  • July 4 - Aspen's Independence Day parade
  • July 10 - Private Event
  • July 29 - Theatre Aspen's Summer Splash - a high profile party for Theatre Aspen supporters
  • July 31 - Theatre Aspen Education Family Appreciation Day at Aspen Community School
  • August 7 - Theatre Aspen Major Donor Event
  • More to Come!

Who are the Miner Keys?

Theatre Aspen’s new premiere performance group consists of students in Grades 8-12 who LOVE to sing and perform! They are committed to excellence and to learning the art of vocal and physical performance through cabaret and show choir. They can rock a mic solo, as well as hold tight harmonies and sing a capella. On top of that, they can MOVE! They are led by a Music Director Shanti Gruber and an Artistic Director/Choreographer who will teach, coach, and prepare the group to perform. The name is a nod to our silver mining past.


What is a Show Choir?

Ever seen Glee? Then you know what we’re aiming for! Students from all backgrounds who come together for one reason: to light up the stage with song and tight choreography, and kick the entertainment factor into high gear! In some areas, Show Choirs attract some of the most elite teen singers, and even have National Championships. We just want to blow our audiences away with the music, movement and performance professionalism that our students will learn as members of the Miner Keys!

What will I Experience?

Every member of the MINER KEYS will receive instruction in choral technique, as well as solo singing and movement performance coaching. What’s more, every season you will rock out at numerous performances at civic events (4th of July, Tree Lightings, etc), Theatre Aspen functions (our annual Costume Gala, Season Openers, and more), as well as private parties. It is a great way to gain Self-Confidence, Empathy, Self-Discipline, Aesthetic Appreciation and even Physical Fitness, all while having a BLAST! They are also great opportunities for exercising Leadership and Collaboration.

This selective performance group is only $250 per season (Summer, Fall/Winter, Spring), plus a small costume fee. Scholarships are available and Theatre Aspen has never turned away a student for financial need.