Adult Theatre Classes

Spring 2016 Adult Acting Class

Comic Scene Study and Character Development

When: Tuesdays, April 19 - May 24; 6:30-8:00pm

Where: Red Brick Center for the Arts - Dance Studio

Who is it for? Beginners who wants to build confidence and learn new skills, as well as advanced actors looking for a chance to practice their craft and gain further insight into the creative process.

Adults, it's your turn! Take some time to explore your creativity or enhance your craft with this comic scene sudy class. You'll learn or strengthen your comic timing, rapid characterization skills, and believability on stage. 

Using a variety of acting techniques including psychological realism, physical expression and even improvisation, you'll learn to make bold and believable character choices. Through coaching and feedback from Teaching Artist Graham Northrup, MFA, you and your scene partners will craft side-splitting scenes, all while having a blast with like-minded adults.

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A word from some of our students:

"I decided to take Aspen Theatre's adult acting classes for a few reasons: to meet fun people, to stretch myself, and to learn a little about acting. The class succeeded on all dimensions and I'm glad I did it. I will never watch a movie or a play in the same way again!"  -David

"Thanks for the acting class.... [Y]our class was far and away the better one - better organized, more thought went into your presentations, helpful exercises; I truly felt that I learned a great deal about the acting process and the many variables that go into it." - Bill


About the Teacher: Graham Northrup

Graham Northrup is a professional Director and Actor who received his MFA in Directing from Baylor University. He has taught numerous acting classes to children, youth and adults, on topics ranging from pantomime to improv comedy, as well as dramatic and comedic scene study.

Recent projects include coaching and directing local professionals in a production of the uproarious comedy The Foreigner , and Barrymore with the Hudson Reed ensemble. At Theatre Aspen, where he serves as the Director of Education and Outreach, Graham has directed over a dozen conservatory productions in his 6-year tenure, with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels being the most recent. He is currently directing Xanadu, Jr for Theatre Aspen School's Spring Youth Production series.

Graham is also an active performer with musical credits including Theatre Aspen's reprise of Annie, and John Adams in Aspen Community Theatre's production of 1776 and most recently as Cogsworth in ACTs Beauty and the Beast. He has also appeared in dramatic and comedic roles in Theatre Master's Take Ten and the Aspen Fringe Festival.

Graham's approach to coaching and directing is to help actors explore their own creativity, encourage them to push through perceived barriers and take their performance to new levels of emotional honesty, physical expression and collaboration with their scene partners. He employs both physical and psychological/emotional techniques to help actors reach their most truthful and compelling performance.

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